Past Simple Tense Affirmative - Regular Verb Exercise

Past Simple Tense - Affirmative

Write the verbs in brackets in the blanks to form the past simple tense. View the answers by clicking 'show' at the end.
  1. These pills
    (cure) my illness. It was miraculous.
  2. We really
    (enjoy) the concert last night. It was great!
  3. He
    (play) a lot of tennis when he was younger.
  4. My parents
    (travel) by plane from Paris to Istanbul last year.
  5. I
    (call) them four times last night but they were out.
  6. We
    (walk) along the beach yesterday. It was lovely.
  7. The film
    (end) very late last night.
  8. My brother
    (tidy) his room for the first time yesterday morning.
  9. My brother
    (stay) at my house last summer.
  10. He
    (try) to lift the box but he couldn’t.
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