Passive - Active Voice Exercise

Exercise on the Passive

Choose the Best Option To Fill in the spaces.

1. Our our papers as we go through passport control at the airport.
2. We have to appoint someone to the exports branch, and this as soon as possible.
3. In recent years, considerable progress in finding a cure for the disease.
4. Many referrals with by the duty officer and never allocated to a social worker.
5. When his parents in an accident, he became an orphan.
6. The fridge isn't working. It when we moved it into the kitchen.
7. We were late for the conference. I think that we well in advance.
8. The tyres are quite muddy, and you can't drive a meeting like that. You them first.
9. The hospital is so overcrowded that some patients on trolleys in the corridors.
10. The new discoveries that old hypothesis.
11. My elder brother a scholarship recently thanks to his success at school.
12. Zeynep was very anxious at the cafe for fear that someone her there.
13. We our schoolwork by the end of the year after next year.
14. When egg whites they can rise to seven or eight times their original volume.
15. Latterly, Lima more migrants from the poorest and remotest departments.
16. The courses the syllabus of any particular examination board.

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