Have / Has got - Exercise

Have / Has got

Fill in the blanks using the correct form of have, has, have got, has got, or got. Remember to use long form of them.
  1. They
    some fruit to eat.
  2. Richard is very popular and he's
    lots of friends.
  3. I'm rally busy, I
    got a lot of time.
  4. This apartment is great, it's
    a lot of space.
  5. What have you
    in your hand?
  6. Do you
    a pen to lend me?
  7. Have you
    a tent? If you have, we can go camping.
  8. We
    got any juice. Can you buy some from the market?
  9. They don't
    much money, but they live happily.
  10. I've
    many books. You can borrow if you want.
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