Determiners - Fill in Exercise - 3

Determiners & Quantifiers

Fill in the blanks using the correct Quantifiers-Determiners Select from the following possibilities: both, a, the, all, whole, much, many, a lot of, any, every, etc..
  1. We still have
    food left in the fridge, so we don’t need to go to Walmart today.
  2. There are too
    cars in the centre of Istanbul and very few car parking lots.
  3. This is just
    piece of advice to you.
  4. It was
    most embarrassing situation I had ever been in.
  5. Will you be taking
    luggage on the trip?
  6. The castle at the top of a hill had spectacular views on
  7. Did you hear
    news about the earthquake these days?
  8. Mental illness affects not only the life of the child but
  9. I have got appointments
    day next week except Sunday.
  10. Either Tim or Mary will come, but not
    of them.
Your Result is (1/10)

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