Determiners - Fill in Exercise - 2

Determiners & Quantifiers

Fill in the blanks using the correct Quantifiers-Determiners Select from the following possibilities: the, (a) little, (a) few, any, no, both, every, some, much etc..
  1. Two smartly dressed doormen stood at
    side of the hotel’s entrance.
  2. You can buy these maps at
    station. They all have them.
  3. If you have
    questions, I'm ready to answer.
  4. He is an expert on languages, but he knows very
    about mathematics.
  5. The instructor told the young climbers to hold on to the rope with
  6. You won't be successful. Nobody can succeed it in such
  7. John had
    money with him so he couldn’t even buy a bus ticket.
  8. The postman hardly ever comes here, that's why we receive
  9. Celine feels lonely because she has very
    sincere friends.
  10. I didn’t use so
    fertilizer last spring, that’s why we had so many weeds.
Your Result is (1/10)

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