Determiners - Fill in Exercise - 1

Determiners & Quantifiers

Fill in the blanks using the correct Quantifiers-Determiners Select from the following possibilities: the, (a) little, (a) few, number, a good, deal, any, many, a lot of, some, etc..
  1. There has been only
    rain for the last couple of weeeks.
  2. Could you please turn off
    radio. It has become erratic again.
  3. I don't need
    advice from you. You don't understand the problem!
  4. People became aware of the phenomenon called acid rain in
  5. Up until recent years, blacks in the Southern USA suffered
  6. A good
    of my students prepared hard for their exams.
  7. It’s boring. There aren’t
    good films on TV tonight.
  8. If I give you money, can you buy
    wine and a bag of rice for me?
  9. Only a
    people can live without money. We simply need it.
  10. He wasted a great
    of money gambling.
Your Result is (1/10)

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