Relative Pronouns: where or which

Relative Pronouns: where or which 

“Where” kelime anlamı olarak “Nerede, nereye, neresi” anlamına gelir ve relative clause’da yer belirten kelimelerden sonra kullanılır. Kelimenin muhakkak yer belirtmesi gerekir, bir şehrin veya ülkenin ismi bir cümlede geçiyor diye illa ki yer belirtmek zorunda değildir. Eğer tanımlanan yerde bir eylem gerçekleşmiş ise “Where”, eğer tanımlanan yerde bir eylem gerçekleşmemiş ve cümlenin öznesi veya nesnesi durumu olmuş ise “Which veya That” kullanılır.

Choose where or which.

1. Can you name the country is well known for the flemenco dance?
2. What’s the name of the hotel we stayed during our honeymoon?
3. The school I had studied as a child was destroyed in a fire.
4. Istanbul, was the capital city of Ottomans, is visited by millions every year.
5. The university I got my education is Davis.
6. My uncle’s farm, we often visit, is twenty kilometres from here.
7. You must decide the exact location you are going to build your house.
8. I can't remember the name of the street I lost my passport.
9. The new stadium, holds 90,000 people, will be opened next month.
10. The city is usually crowded with people seems to be abandoned.
11. We will have our dinner my friend has recommended to us.
12. Lots of people walk in the park I jog every morning.
13. The neighbourhood we used to live has been in the news for a few days.
14. The robbers need to find an empty building they can hide for a couple of days.
15. Jim can’t remember the room he left his glasses.
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