Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continuous

Complete the following exercise with Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continous.
1. In the lasts year we many hurricanes. Is global warming to blame?
2. My dad became a salesman and he around the country ever since.
3. Zoran many African counties so far.
4. In the course of evolution, some birds the power of flight.
5. It for five days non-stop, so we are longing for some sunshine.
6. Your father for you for a long time; where have you been?
7. Jacob flamenco dancing at an evening class for three years.
8. They their house. They hope to finish it soon.
9. Sarah with me until she moves to a new place.
10. Emma went to work in New York a year ago, and we each other since.
11. My dad in the same company for more than twenty years.
12. The government under attack from all sides for cutting education spending.
13. Your hands are covered with chocolate. cake?
14. We four cars since the morning and we aren't finished.
15. I the garden all afternoon. And I am fed up with it now.
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