Past Simple, Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continuous - Exercise

Complete the following exercise with Simple Past, Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continous.
1. He in the garden all morning and she’s still not finished.
2. I two bottle of grape juice last night. I don’t feel too well today.
3. When the old couple retired, they back to her home town.
4. He inherited his father's fortune and money like there's no tomorrow ever since.
5. I for the last two hours and now you tell me you’re not hungry!
6. The company the salaries according to qualifications and experience.
7. the remote control for the TV anywhere? I can't find it anywhere.
8. any interesting people when you were on holiday?
9. The bus on time, so we hired a taxi.
10. They the elevator yet, we have to use the stairs.
11. I piano lessons for over 10 years and I’m still not very good.
12. I couldn't go to school yesterday as I very good.
13. Mainly, fishermen this side of the island before tourism.
14. I the same car for ages. I'm thinking about getting a new one.
15. She chocolate all morning, so she feels sick.
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