Past Simple or Present Perfect Simple - Exercise

Complete the following exercise with Past Simple or Present Perfect Simple.
1. They me at yesterday’s meeting.
2. The weather around here terrible in the last few weeks.
3. Mozart over 600 pieces of music during his lifetime.
4. My grandpa as a war correspondent during the second world war.
5. She loves Paris. She there many times.
6. I a muscle in my leg. I need to see a massage therapist.
7. The house looks different. it?
8. It's Sharon and Adam's silver wedding anniversary today. They married for twenty five years.
9. My father in the USA for ten years before he moved to London and met my mother.
10. They the bridge yet, so we have to use the highway.
11. Back in March, I enough money to buy a new car. Now, I can afford one.
12. According to her statement, she at the Crown Hotel from last Monday to Thursday.
13. I'm so tired. I all the way to the underground station.
14. Dinosaurs around the earth millions of years ago.
15. We wash the dishes. They're all clean now.
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