Gerund or Infinitive: Exercise - 1

Choose gerund 'ing' or infinitive 'to' form of the given verbs to complete the sentences.

1. We can't afford abroad for vacation this year. So, we want a domestic tour.

2. We were accustomed to together, but right now I hesitate shift with him.

3. My brother is too young , but he is still enthusiastic enough about cars.

4. In winters I go and I feel happy time on a snow covered mountain.

5. I decided all my efforts on somewhere to live.

6. You should avoid junk food. Because it's an important factor healthy.

7. Kevin stopped the evening paper from a news vendor, then he got in a nearby cafe it.

8. The policemen admitted the student, but they denied his death.

9. My sister is interested in a teacher, but she is not good at along well with children.

10. People should not hesitate the police if they've noticed anyone suspiciously.

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