So or Such - 3

Choose so  or such a(n) to complete the sentences.
1. They have little food! We need to do something to help them.
2. There was lot of trouble that we had to call the police.
3. Please, don't drive fast! I'm terrified we're going to have an accident.
4. My son’s room is untidy he cannot find anything he is looking for.
5. Colin spoke quietly that nobody could hear what he was saying.
6. I’ve got lot of work to do that I won’t be able to come with you.
7. The milk was good that we couldn’t stop drinking it.
8. Helen has beautiful eyes! I have never seen that shade of blue before.
9. There was heavy traffic that I was almost an hour late.
10. These instructions are confusing that I can’t understand them.
11. Their new song is cool that it hit the top ten within a week of being released.
12. It was interesting book that I couldn't sleep until I had finished it.
13. The contestants didn't think they would have to face difficulty.
14. I never knew you had many brothers that you had to share a bedroom.
15. I didn't know that it was long way from my house.
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