Gerund or Infinitive: Exercise

Gerunds or Infinitives

Choose gerund 'ing' or infinitive 'to' form of the given verbs to complete the sentences.

1. Only a few people are successful as sports professionals, but it's worth it a go.
2. The president fell ill and was forced all public engagements.
3. They chose in a cheap hotel but spend more money on meals.
4. He went on me the same thing over and over again.
5. Dad threatened my pocket money if I didn't do my homework.
6. They tolerate but they prefer people not to.
7. I understand late once or twice, but every day is too much!
8. He apologized for not to the party , pleading pressure of work.
9. I don’t recommend the bus, it takes forever!
10. When we faced her with all the evidence, she admitted the crime.
11. Would you like us for a nice dinner at a good restaurant?
12. I didn't mean her feelings. I'm really sorry.
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