So or Such - 4

Choose so  or such a(n) to complete the sentences.
1. The weather was cold that we decided not to go swimming.
2. He always looks good. He wears nice clothes.
3. He’s got good memory that he never needs to write anythind down.
4. He has big feet that he has difficulty finding shoes to fit him.
5. The restaurant was crowded that they couldn’t find anywhere to sit down.
6. He was naughty child that he was punished by the teacher.
7. I think she works too hard. She looks tired all the time.
8. I was surprised that he looked well after his recent illness.
9. They are good friends that they have no secrets from each other.
10. Why are you always asking me stupid questions?

11. Some people think I'm arrogant but I'm amazing in other ways that it doesn't matter.
12. I haven't played chess for long time that I can't remember how to do it.
13. The chemistry instructor explained the experiment in way that it was easily understood.
14. The weather is lovely, isn't it? I didn't expect it to be nice day.
15. The food at the hotel was very bad. I've never eaten awful food.
16. He's difficult to understand because he speaks quickly.
17. The children were quiet that heir father knew they were doing something wrong.
18. The road is narrow that it is difficult for two cars to pass each other.
19. We were having good time that we didn’t want to leave.
20. It was warm evening that we had dinner outside in the garden.
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