Personal Pronouns

Choose the correct personal pronouns.
1. My new neighbors are very friendly. I really like .
2. He is going to the party with you and if you don't mind.
3. It was stressful because are both running for class president.
4. The boss left a message for you and . He needs to see us.
5. Ron invited Mary and to have dinner with him.
6. After a long day of school, like to interact online.
7. Ali and Marcus would like to invite to the party too.
8. Dad, can you take my coat and drop off at the dry cleaner's?
9. Can you tell the way to the airport, please?
10. Palvinder watched the children carefully as crossed the road.
11. I almost never eat junk food because isn’t healthy.
11. Elephants are very big, so eat a lot of food.
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