If Clauses Mixed Exercise

Choose the correct forms of expressions.
1. If my uncle working in a factory many years ago, he a wealthy man now.
2. We lost in the forest now if you a map with you before we left home.
3. If I afraid of flying, I you in California a long time ago.
4. If you to me and left home early, we late for our appointment now.
5. Jacob woke up early and is very sleepy now. If he early, he sleepy now.
6. Do you think you happier now if you someone else.
7. If it all night long yesterday, we stuck in traffic now.
8. The meeting started late. I'm not at home yet. I at home now if the meeting on time.
9. The teacher so angry now if you your homework at home.
10. I didn't invite them for dinner. But I if I a good cook.

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