Unless Vs. If

Complete the exercise with If or Unless.
1. You have to pay to enter the exhibition you are over 65 years old.
2. My girlfriend says that she won't talk to me I apologizes to her.
3. Richard's quite shy. He doesn't talk to people they talk to him first.
4. Children are not allowed into the cinema they are with an adult.
5. we change the way we travel, we will have serious environmental problems.
6. Is it OK for me to fly I pay an organisation which funds carbon offset projects?
7. She must have graduated already, she failed a class.
8. My younger brother is always cheerful something really bad happens.
9. You will have a lot of trouble fixing that air conditioner you know what are doing.
10. You’ll get into any college you want you continue to get good grades. We’re proud of you!
11. Lucy will never accept your marriage proposal you have a lot of money
12. She will shed crocodile tears you give her the money to buy that dress.
13. Sally told me tha she would be there by 9 o'clock she cought a lot of traffic.
14. You won’t be able to go to any parties you start doing your homework better.
15. it becomes more expensive to fly, people will look for alternative ways to travel.

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