Subject Pronons or Object Pronouns

Choose the correct personal pronouns.
1. A: Is that the man you told me about? B: Yes, that’s ?
2. Between I think that he is the worst player on the team.
3. You and had better stay at home. It id raining hard.
4. Molly doesn't believe , I don't know what to do.
5. Henry and are going to the game tomorrow.
6. My friend and I have money. can go shopping.
7. Margarita sent an email about the test.
8. I met Mey Lin and at the movie theater.
9. My cousins and are going to the mall tomorrow.
10. Can you take this letter and give to Louisa?
11. Mary cannot understand when Carla speaks French.
12. His sister isn’t as tall as . She looks shorter.
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