Because, And, So or But

Choose "Because / And / So / But".
1. My bedroom was very cold, I forgot to close the window
2. The children forgot their homework, the teacher got angry with them.
3. My classmate studies very hard she always gets poor grades.
4. I am smarter than my brother, he still got a higher grade on the test.
5. Our new director is so experienced easy-going. I believe, we will get on well.
6. Lisa couldn't buy any Christmas presents, he didn't have any money.
7. My father usually arrives home at six o'clock then he plays with us.
8. Luke studied very hard for the exam, he couldn't get a passing grade.
9. I like Japanese food, my children don't like it at all.
10. I couldn't open the door,  it was locked.
11. I don't go out on Saturdays, I prefer to stay at home and relax.
12. My neighbor's car was stolen yesterday, he forgot to lock the doors.
13. She needed some help with maths, she took some private lessons.
14. Martin wanted to see the film, he fell asleep half way through.
15. Joanne loves playing basketball she plays really well.
16. First we drove to the airport then we got on the plane.
17. They felt very bored, they changed they turned on the TV and watched a movie.
18. Henri is worried, he is late for an important meeting.
19. I phoned all my friends invited them to come to my house.
20. You should stay away from bears, they are dangerous.

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