Paragraph Test - 38

The people of Blaenavon in South Wales were understandably worried. The opencast mine only 1 kilometer north of their town had served the great Blaenavon ironworks when they opened in the late 18th century. But it had been lying derelict for decades and now British Coal Opencast wanted to mine the remaining 320,000 tonnes of coal. At opencast sites, for every tonne of coal recovered, up to 40 tonnes of rock has to be extracted. So, in the case of Blaenavon, unless precautionary measures were taken, the air in the town was going to be thick with dust. Precautionary measures were taken, based on well-tried techniques. For instance, tall spray masts were erected around dumps to provide a curtain of rain to entrap and wash out dust from the air, and the wheels of every vehicle leaving the site were washed. Further, reclaimed areas were planted with trees and grass from day one. With these and other measures this turned out to be a success story for all concerned. In fact, during the entire mining and reclamation project not a single complaint about nuisance dust was made to the local authority.

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