Simple Present vs Present Continuous Test - 2

1. The 3 pm train _____ by 4:30 pm.
 A) returns
 B) is returning
 C) return
2. The girls and I _____ out tonight.
  A) go
  B) are going
  C) am going
3. At 8 am, we _____ on the excursion to Oahu.
  A) leave
  B) leaves
  C) are leaving
4. The return train _____ one hour after the race.
  A) departs
  B) is departing
  C) depart
5. We _____ each other sometime in the future.
  A) see
  B) sees
  C) are seeing
6. The office _____ a going-away party for me.
  A) throws
  B) are throwing
  C) is throwing
7. They _____ a very small wedding on the beach.
  A) have
  B) are having
  C) having
8. Thanksgiving _____ on the 25th of November this year.
  A) falls
  B) is falling
  C) are falling
9. Eating sandwiches every day is boring, so I _____ out today.
  A) eat
  B) am eating
  C) eat
10. Mr. President, you _____ the UN Assembly at noon on July 10th.
  A) address
  B) are addressing
  C) addressing
11. I ______ to Toronto next Thursday. Do you want to come?
  A) am going
  B) go
  C) goes
12. I _____ Sally out for dinner tonight.
  A) take
  B) takes
  C) am taking

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