Test: Participle Adjectives

1. It's ___ how popular American music is around the world.
  A) surprised
  B) a surprise
  C) surprising
2. I thought the movie "Independence Day" was really ___ .
  A) bored
  B) boring
  C) bore
3. That tall new building in Kuala Lampur really ___ me!
  A) fascinates
  B) fascinating
  C) fascinated
4. Bryan Adams is a really ___ singer.
  A) interested
  B) interesting
  C) interest
5. The comedian we saw last night really ___ us.
  A) amusing
  B) amuses
  C) amused
6. I think flying in an airplane is a ___ experience.
  A) terrifying
  B) terrified
  C) terrify
7. Have you heard about the ___ new roller coaster at the amusement park?
  A) excited
  B) excite
  C) exciting
8. He ___ us with his knowledge of Medieval history.
  A) surprised
  B) surprising
  C) surprise
9. That three hour lecture yesterday was really ___ !
  A) tired
  B) tiring
  C) tire
10. Halloween is coming soon! What a ___ holiday!
  A) frighten
  B) frightened
  C) frightening
11. He was sitting in an armchair ___ a magazine.
  A) read
  B) reading
  C) reads
12. The ___ leaves remind us that winter is coming.
  A) falling
  B) fallen
  C) fall

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