Test: Gerunds and Infinitives - 2

1. Stop ____________ that hot stove!
 A) to touch
 B) touching
 C) touch
2. Don't forget _________ some toilet paper when you're at the store.
  A) to buy
  B) buying
  C) buy
3. She needs ______ looking at that man like that. He will think she likes him!
  A) to stop
  B) stopping
  C) stop
4. Please pick up your toys or someone is going _______ on them!
  A) to trip
  B) tripping
  C) trip
5. That music is the best music __________ to.
  A) to listen
  B) listening
  C) listen
6. Could you hear that clock ________ all night long?
  A) to tick
  B) ticking
  C) tick
7. Just as I left the movie theatre, I saw a woman get hit by a car while ______ the street.
  A) to cross
  B) crossing
  C) cross
8. ________ every day is important for your health.
  A) to exercise
  B) exercising
  C) exercise
9. I remember _______ to that song on the radio!
  A) to hear
  B) hearing
  C) hear
10. Henry looked for the perfect ring before ________ it.
  A) to buy
  B) buying
  C) buy
11. My teacher is going to have me _____ a special math class next month.
  A) to take
  B) taking
  C) take
12. My parents did not let me _____ to the rock concert.
  A) going
  B) to go
  C) go

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