Listening - Some/Any

A:  Do you have any coffee?
B: No, I don't, but I've got some tea. Do you want some?
A: Yes, please.
B: Do you want a cookie too?
A: Sure, I love cookies.

   A: I'm really hungry. Let's eat.
B: OK. I've got some chicken in the refridgerator, do you want some?
A: Yea, that sounds great.
B: I've also got some tacos in the cupboard, and there's an apple pie as well.
A: Do you have any juice?
B: Sure, it's over there. Help yourself.

  A: It's Mum's birthday next week. Let's get her a present.
B: OK. How about some perfume?
A: Well, she doesn't have any. She doesn't use it.
B: So how about some clothes or a watch?
A: That's a good idea, but I don't know her size.
B: Let's just buy a gift voucher. Then she can choose her own present.
A: Great idea!

Key Vocabulary:
any: hiç
coffee: kahve
some: biraz, bir kaç
tea: çay
I've got = I have cookie
refridgerator: buzdolabı
taco: kiymadan yapılmış ekmek arası bir çeşit Meksika yemeği
cupboard: dolap
birthday: doğum günü
how about: -e ne dersin
Help yourself: buyurun
get: elde etmek
present: hediye
perfume: parfüm
use: kullanmak
watch: saat
size: ölçü
gift: hediye
gift voucher: hediye çeki
then: o halde, o zaman
choose: seçmek
own: kendi

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