Listening - Quantifiers (Some, any, a little, etc.)

Listen Mike and Cathy talking about making dinner. Play the audio and answer the questions. Press the "Check answer" button to see your quiz score.

1. They have decided to make ........ .
  A)  apple cider vinegar
  B)  an apple pie
  C)  apple jam
2. They have enough apple to make dinner.
  A)  True
  B)  False
  C)  Not mentioned
3. Do they have enough flour at home?
  A)  Yes, they do
  B)  No they do not.
  C)  They are not sure.
4. Cathy bought some butter yesterday at the store.
  A)  True
  B)  False
  C)  Not mentioned
5. They will start to make dinner ...... .
  A)  after they understand the recipe
  B)  when they buy everything they need
  C)  as soon as everything is sorted out.
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Making Dinner

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