Listening - Present Continuous

A: What are you doing?
B: I'm studying English. What are you doing?
A: I'm making some food. Do you want some?
B: Sure!

Right now I'm working at home. My friend is talking on the 'phone and my sister is studying Spanish. She wants to be a businesswoman, so she's learning a new language. I usually work at the office, but today I'm working at home. It's great fun!

A: How's Sarah?
B: She's fine. She's living in Chicago now.
A: Really!
B: Yes, and she's working as a fashion designer.
A: That's great. Is she having a good time?
B: Yes, she's doing really well.

Key Vocabulary
make: yapmak
food: yiyecek
talk: konuşmak
want: istemek
phone: telefon
sister: kız kardeş
businesswoman: iş kadını
learn: öğrenmek
language: dil, lisan
usually: genellikle
office: büro, ofis
fun: eğlence
Sarah: bir kız ismi
Chicago: Amerikada bir şehir
fashion designer: moda stilisti
really: gerçekten

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