Listening: Our Towns

Listen to three people talking about the place where they live. Play the audio and answer the questions. Press the "Check answer" button to see your quiz score.
1. How is the weather in San Diego?
  A)  It is cold and windy.
  B)  It is usually very good.
  C)  It is terribly hot.
2. Cities like Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham are .....
  A)  near to the sea.
  B)  near to London.
  C)  near to Chester.
3. The Romans were in Chester .......
  A)  a short time ago.
  B)  for a long time.
  C)  many many years ago.
4. Why do millions of people visit Paris?
  A)  They go there toto study French.
  B)  Because there are a lot of places worth to be seen.
  C)  Because French restaurants serve delicous meals.
5. She doesn like about Paris because ......?
  A)  metro is both crowded and expensive.
  B)  the wather is always terrible.
  C)  she finds the French food testless.
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Our Towns

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