Listening: Letter to Friend

Listen to the girl who sends a speaking letter to her friend. Play the audio and answer the questions. Press the "Check answer" button to see your quiz score.
1. Swimming pool can not be used as ....... .
  A)  it is cold to swim
  B)  it is being cleaned
  C)  it is terribly hot
2. She feels sorry because ....... .
  A)  near to the sea
  B)  near to London
  C)  her friend's sister is in the hospital
3. Billingshurst is ...... .
  A)  a very big city with a lot of interestin places
  B)  a village where you can travel by plane
  C)  a nice town where you can see some historical places
4. What are there on the both side of Station Road?
  A)  They go there toto study French.
  B)  Large, old trees.
  C)  Because French restaurants serve delicous meals.
5. Who is Jemima?
  A)  She is her best friend.
  B)  She is her sister.
  C)  She is her room mate.
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Letter to Friend

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