Listening: Booking a film

You will hear a tape rocording informing about booking and play time of films. Play the audio and answer the questions. Press the "Check answer" button to see your quiz score.
1. When you press 2, you can .....
  A)  make booking.
  B)  speak an operator.
  C)  get ingormation about films.
2. What sort of film plays on screen one?
  A)  A romance
  B)  A thriller
  C)  A western
3. In the film Ships In The Night, Maggie leaves her boy friend to .....
  A)  forget about her problem.
  B)  enjoy her holiday on the ship.
  C)  marry the captain.
4. Why do American teenagers buy an old car in the film Street match?
  A)  Because, they look for fame in the cities.
  B)  Because they want to enter into a competition.
  C)  Because they do a lot of hard work.
5. On which screen is an animal film shown?
  A)  2
  B)  3
  C)  4
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Booking a film

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