Would you mind?

Choose the best option and then get the score. Your score will appear with correct answers when you done.
1. It is cold in the car. You want to close the window.
Would you mind  if I shut the window?
 shutting the window?
2. You are taking a shower. You friend calls and you want him to call you later.
Would you mind  if I called later?
 calling later?
3. You have to work until 6:15 tomorrow. Your class starts at 6:00.
Would you mind  if I came a little late tomorrow?
 coming a little late tomorrow?
4. Your friend is driving. You are a passenger. You think she is driving too fast.
Would you mind  if I drove more slowly?
 driving more slowly?
5. Your brother is going to the supermarket. You want a soft drink.
Would you mind  if I got a Coke?
 getting me a Coke?
6. You are studying. The TV is too loud. You want your friend to turn it down.
Would you mind  if I turned down the TV?
 turning down the TV.
7. Your homework isn't finished. You want to give it too your teacher tomorrow.
Would you mind  if I turned it in tomorrow.
 turning it in tomorrow.
8. You don't understand the difference between "quick" and "quickly".
Would you mind  if I explained the difference?
 explaining the difference?
9. Your friend is reading. You want to turn on the radio.
Would you mind  if I turned on the radio?
turning on the radio?
10. You are studying. Your friend wants to talk to you.
Would you mind  if we talked later.
 talking later.

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