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1. He hadn't got his time to talk, _____?
  A: has he
  B: hadn't he
  C: had he
  D: didn't he
2. She doesn't want to go to work today, _____?
  A: does she
  B: doesn't she
  C: did she
  D: isn't she
3. Jessica couldn’t hand in her assignment on time, _____?
  A: could she
  B: can she
  C: couldn't she
  D: did she
4. The new restaurant wasn’t open last weekend, _____?
  A: did it
  B: didn't it
  C: was it
  D: wasn't it
5. Let’s meet at the school library, ______?
  A: will we
  B: shall we
  C: don't we
  D: won't we
6. None of the audience liked the performance, _____?
  A: don't they
  B: didn't they
  C: will they
  D: did they
7. Nobody understood what was going on, ______?
  A: did they
  B: weren't she
  C: do they
  D: didn't they
8. We are waiting for the results of the exam, _____?
  A: don't we
  B: isn't it
  C: are we
  D: aren't we
9. I am one of the members of the board, _____?
  A: won't I
  B: aren't I
  C: don't I
  D: am I
10. Keep trying hard to be successful, _____?
  A: isn't it
  B: will you
  C: do you
  D: don't you
11. He's got my newspaper again, ___?
  A: hasn't he
  B: has he
  C: had he
  D: doesn't he
12. She didn't close the door, ___?
  A: didn't she
  B: wasn't she
  C: did she
  D: is she
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