Tag Questions - 1

Choose The Best Answer:
1. He hasn't done it yet, ___?
  A: has he
  B: hasn't he
  C: had he
  D: didn't he
2. She works in a bank, ___?
  A: does she
  B: doesn't she
  C: did she
  D: isn't she
3. He's been to Italy twice, ___?
  A: has he
  B: isn't he
  C: hasn't he
  D: had he
4. She didn't eat anything, ___?
  A: did she
  B: didn't she
  C: has she
  D: was she
5. Nothing was in order when I arrived ___?
  A: was it
  B: wasn't it
  C: did it
  D: didn't it
6. I hardly leave the office early, ___?
  A: don't I
  B: aren't I
  C: will I
  D: do I
7. She doesn't talk much, ___?
  A: did she
  B: isn't she
  C: does she
  D: doesn't she
8. He's got a camera, ___?
  A: doesn't it
  B: isn't he
  C: has he
  D: hasn't he
9. David has to wake up early tomorrow, ___?
  A: won't he
  B: will he
  C: doesn't he
  D: does he
10. She looks very beautiful today, ___?
  A: isn't it
  B: does she
  C: is she
  D: doesn't she
11. He's got a nice house, but he hasn't got a car, ___?
  A: hasn't he
  B: has he
  C: had he
  D: doesn't he
12. She didn't close the door, ___?
  A: didn't she
  B: wasn't she
  C: did she
  D: is she
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