Present Perfect Simple vs Present Perfect Progressive Exercise - 2

Choose either present perfect or present perfect continuous tense.
1. He the film "The King’s Speech" about six times.
2. Hey, you look different. your hair colour?
3. Who all the cake?! There's none left.
4. I’m still waiting for an answer. They up their minds yet.
5. It non-stop for more than an hour now.
6. I really need a break! I all morning!
7. It’s nice to see you again. What since we last met?
8. She the piano since she was seven.
9. The writer  this award for a long time.
10. How long care of your neighbour’s cats?
11. John and Mary with each other since the day they got married.
12. They our new refrigerator yet, but they will any day now.
13. Your eyes look so red. How long TV?
14. Ann and Jess are close friends. They first met years ago. They each other since then.
15. She chocolate all morning, so she feels sick.

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