Preposition Test - 2

Choose The Best Answer:
1. Someone is knocking ___ the door.
  A: in
  B: on
  C: at
  D: by
2. He smiled ___ me when he saw me.
  A: to
  B: at
  C: in
  D: for
3. This necklace is made ___ silver.
  A: with
  B: in
  C: of
  D: by
4. She was dressed ___ green ___ head ___ foot.
  A: with, from, to 
  B: of, from, from
  C: on, of, from
  D: in, from, to
5. The old man lives ___ a beautiful farm.
  A: at
  B: on
  C: with
  D: in
6. The doctor will be back ___ one hour.
  A: within
  B: about
  C: at
  D: from
7. Get ___ the bus here and ___ at the third stop.
  A: on, off
  B: out, from
  C: in, off
  D: on, out
8. Come ___ 10 ___ Monday morning.
  A: with, on
  B: at, on
  C: at, in
  D: in, with
9. I bought the shirt ___ US$ 25.00.
  A: for
  B: in
  C: over
  D: with
10. I like to travel ___ the summer.
  A: on
  B: next
  C: at
  D: in
11. This city is three thousand feet ___ sea level.
  A: over
  B: between
  C: above
  D: among
12. I think she spent the entire afternoon ______ the phone.
  A: to
  B: with
  C: in
  D: on
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