Modals: Advisability in Past - (Geçmişte Tavsiye)

Modals: Advisability in Past - (Geçmişte Tavsiye)

Should have done, Ought to have done

“should have done”, “Geçmişte yapılması gereken bir eylemi yapmadım ve sonuç iyi olmadı. “Onu yapmam gerekirdi” anlamını veriyor. “Should” ve “ought to” nun past biçimleri “should have done” ve “ought to have done” dir.

· You ought to have told me that you wouldn’t come to diner.
· Sally should have checked with her doctor before she went to such a strict diet.

Shouldn’t have done, Oughtn’t have done

“Shouldn't have done” ise, “Geçmişte bir şey yaptım ve sonuç kötü oldu. Onu yapmamam gerekirdi.” anlamını veriyor.

· Although he was ill, he went to work, and his cold got worse. he shouldn't have gone to work.
· Perhaps, I shouldn’t have accepted this new job offer, It is really exhausting.
· I know you have a lot of work to do, but it is your own fault; you shouldn’t have left everything until the last minute.

Should have been doing,  Ought to have been doing
Shouldn’t have been doingOughtn’t have been doing

Geçmişte bir noktada devam etmekte olan bir olaya ilişkin konuşurken, bu yapıları kullanırız.

· You should have been driving more carefully. Now the insurance company won’t pay you anything because the accident was your fault.
· He shouldn’ have been playing games on playstation instead of writing his research paper, No wonder he failed.

Had better + have V3

Bir işi gelecekte “.......olmadan önce ya da.........olduğunda.........yapmış olsan iyi edersin” ifadesini ise, “had better” dan sonra “perfect infinitive” kullanarak ingilizce'ye aktarabiliriz.

· We had better have consulted an expert before you buy this house.
· You had better have done your homework before you begin to watch TV.
· He had better have arrived when the boss gets here, otherwise, he will be fired.

geçmişte “.....yapmış olsan/yapmamış olsan iyi edersin” ifadeside “had better” dan sonra “perfect infinitive” kullanarak ifade edilebilir.

· He had better have paid telephone bill at that time; otherwise, they wouldn’t have cut the telephone off.
· We had better have consulted an expert before buying this house. It is completely in ruin.
· You had better not have lent him any money. You will not get it back forever.

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