Listening: The weather is terrible

Listen Andy and Bob talking about the weather. Play the audio and answer the questions. Press the "Check answer" button to see your quiz score.
1. How is the weather these days?
  A)  It is cold and windy.
  B)  It is consatantly rainy.
  C)  It is terribly hot.
2. How has been Andy spending time?
  A)  He goes shopping.
  B)  He has been been watching videos.
  C)  He has been sleeping.
3. The weather will get better ...... .
  A)  in a very short time
  B)  in eighteen days
  C)  more than a week
4. What have Andy and Bob decided to do?
  A)  to go a shopping center
  B)  to stay at home
  C)  to visit a friend
5. Bob recommends Andy ....... .
  A)  to take some videos
  B)  to bring his umbrella
  C)  to come by a car
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The weather is Terrible

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