Listening - Booking a Flight

Listen Mrs. Jones and Clerk talking about booking a flight. Play the audio and answer the questions. Press the "Check answer" button to see your quiz score.
1. Mrs. Jones wants to go Sydney ....... .
  A)  next Tuesday afternoon
  B)  following Thursday
  C)  next Thursday afternoon
2. How long will Mrs. Jones stay in Sydney?
  A)  He goes shopping.
  B)  Twenty - one days
  C)  He has been sleeping.
3. How many types of ticket does the clerk offer to Mrs. Jones?
  A)  2
  B)  3
  C)  4
4. Mrs. Jones prefers ....... ticket for her flight.
  A)  economy class
  B)  business class
  C)  first class
5. Mrs. Jones wants to fly at ........ .
  A)  18:00
  B)  9:25
  C)  16:45
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Booking a Flight


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