Suit, Fit ve Match

Suit, Fit ve Match Arasındaki Fark

Suit: yakışmak, uymak, uygun olmak
  • Green and blue suit me very well.
  • I’ll meet you at the cider house at 7:00pm, does that suit?
Fit: bir yere boyut olarak uymak
  • These shoes don't fit, they are too tight.
Match: eş olarak biribirine uymak
  • Your scarf mathes your gloves.
  • Susan dyed her hair brown, but I don't think it matches her eyes.
Select fit, suit or match.

1. That hat doesn't the suit.
2. I don't think that dress her, it is more for younger people.
3. We will never in that tiny car.
4. We need to somehow it through this entrance.
5. I work part-time, which me.
6. An appointment on next Monday me very well, thank you!
7. Her nails were painted bright red to her dress
8. My new fridge won’t in my old kitchen. We will have our kitchen remodeled.
9. Does next weekend you to go on a vacation?
10. Look! This new bookcase perfectly between the radiator and your table.

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