Present Perfect Simple vs Present Perfect Progressive Exercise - 1

Choose either present perfect or present perfect continuous tense.
1. I the car. We can go on now.
2. The kitchen is a complete mess! What  ?
3. I this book for hours but I am still at chapter 10.
4. I you for ages, how have you been?
5. If you your homework, you can go out to play with your friends.
6. Julie a lot of weight lately, I hope she doesn't get sick.
7. Simon four books and they are all published.
8. David feels great these days. He up early lately.
9. My younger brother an amazing job at the local construction firm.
10. I am really broke these days because I it all for fixing my car .
11. There is only a little cake left because your dad it in the past 3 days.
12. We our living room. I think it looks a lot better.
13. She the kitchen. Everything is sparkling clean.
14. I for over eight hours now. I am extremely tired.
15. Recently, I a lot. My exams are in a few weeks.

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