Prepositions: In, On, At, To - 1

Complete the following exercise with the most appropriate prepositions on, in, at or to.

1-2. My grandparents live a small flat İstanbul.
3. My father usually goes bed early every night as he starts work at seven.
4-5. Is the cafe open the afternoons or the evenings?
6. People sometimes take a nap the break room.
7. There were dozens of people the shopping mall.
8. I visit my grandmother her house and we have tea together.
9. We had a nice picnic the weekend.
10. Most students have lunch their classrooms.
11. We go to Antalya holidays every summer.
12-13.Our English class starts 17:30 the afternoon.
14. The shopping mall is the end of this street.
15. The flowers are in bloom Easter time.

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