Die, Dead, Died, or Death

Die, Dead, Died ve Death Arasındaki Fark

Dead : ölü, ölmüş. Sıfat olarak kullanılır.
  • Since I forgot to water my plants, they are all dead now.
  • Dead bodies are kept in a morgue.
Die: ölmek
  • All of us are born and all of us will die someday.
Died: 'die = ölmek' fiilinin geçmiş zaman halidir.
  • ‘Passed away’ is a polite word for died.
  • So far 50 people have died in the fighting.
Death: ölüm, ölü. İsim olarak kullanılır. 'Alive: canlı, hayatta' nın zıddı
  • His death came as a shock.
Choose die, dead, died, or death.

1. I've seen this film before. He in the end.
2. After his wife he left the job and went to live in a village.
3. Our former president two years ago.
4. Even if they are , I am frightened of mice.
5. Don't throw away the roses. Put its leaves into the water.
6. Cancer is the leading cause of in women.
7. No wonder your plants always you don’t water them enough.
8. Turgut Özal became the president of Turkey in 1989, and remained president until his untimely in 1993.
9. He in a sudden. No one knew he was so ill.
10. The warden wanted the escaped convicts back or alive.

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