Affect vs Effect

Affect ve Effect Arasındaki Fark

Affect: 'etkilemek' anlamında kullandığımız bir fiildir.
  • The damp and rainy day affected Harry's mood.
  • High cholesterol can affect the heart.
Effect: 'etki' anlamında kullandığımız bir isimdir.
  • The rain had no effect on Harry's mood.
  • Drowsiness can be a side effect of cold medicine.
Select from effect / affect.

1. The Company will a change in the worker’s behaviour.
2. Testosterone amounts have a direct on our behavior.
3. His actions will positively your reputation at school.
4. Sheila was surprised that her book could people so profoundly.
5. Smoking cigarettes can the lungs and possibly be the cause of death.
6. Patty's harsh words didn't Roger as much as he had anticipated
7. The new semester curriculum hasn't gone into yet.
8. The crisis is not going to our country.
9. Some vitamins can have an instant on the immune system.
10. The hurricane had no significant on wildlife.

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