Advise vs Advice and Exercise

Advise ve Advice Arasındaki Fark ve  Exercise

'Advice: tavsiye', İngilizce bir sayılamayan isimdir ve bu nedenle çoğul hali yoktur. Sayılamadığı için 'an advice' diyemeyiz.

'Advise: tavsiye etmek',  bir fiildir.

 Our teacher gave us some good advice when we graduated.
The school counselor will advise you on the best academic pathway.

'Advice' sonunda bir "S" sesiyle duyurulur.
'Advise' sonunda bir "Z" sesi ile telaffuz edilir.

Choose advice or advise.

1. I am never going to listen to his again.
2. The policeman him of his rights while placing the handcuffs around his wrists.
3. Come over tonight and I will give you some .
4. My father always me and and my brother not to do anything foolish.
5. I give myself very good , but I very seldom follow it.
6. Mr. Griffin's was very useful.
7. If you need some about which courses to take, you can talk to the professors.
8. The salesman the customer to buy the product.
9. I didn't ask for his , but he told me what he thought anyway!
10. I am strongly you to call your doctor immediately.

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