Accept, Except ve Expect

Accept,  Except ve Expect Arasındaki Fark

Accept: kabul etmek
  • They do not accept credit cards in their stores.
  • The police will not accept such a wild explanation.
Except: -den hariç, -nın dışında
  • All months have 30 or more days except February, which has 28.
Expect: ummak, beklemek
  • Annie and Fernando are expecting their third child.

Choose accept, except or expect.

1. I will your gift if you let me pay for my lunch.
2. I don't him to understand me.
3. I am someone for dinner.
4. I like everything about the house the kitchen.
5. The meteorologists are snow for tomorrow.
6. I am sure, she will this offer with pleasure.
7. Everybody had breakfast for Diana.
8. Everything’s great about the project plan for the last phase.
9. They were all ready to leave their mother.
10. My teacher that English can be challenging to learn but he told me not to give up.

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