A few, Few, A little, Little

Complete the sentences with A LITTLE, LITTLE, FEW, A FEW.

1. Let's buy some ice cream for us. I have money.
2. John had money with him so he couldn’t even buy a bus ticket.
3. Not many children like vegetables. For example, children eat squash.
4. Joe is always angry. That's why he has friends.
5. I didn't drink all the soda. There's left.
6. The party was fun. There were people I knew there.
7. Your house is almost empty! You have furniture.
8. He has education. He can’t read or write at all, and he can hardly count
9. There are usually only people want to watch a team that always loses.
10. Mersin and Tarsus are quite close. There's only distance between them.
11. There's milk in the refrigerator. About half a quart, I think.
12. Julie gave us apples from her garden. Shall we share them?
13. There were only applications for the job that you advertised in the paper.
14. There’s milk left in the fridge. It should be enough for our coffee.
15. May I please have more coffee?
16. My father is always busy; he has free time.
17. I don’t like Mrs. Spencer, our new math teacher; she has very patience.
18. My younger sister doesn't care for school. She has interest in it.
19. I need to talk to you. Do you have minutes?
20. Our art teacher is disappointed: very parents came to see our exhibition.

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