'BE' Present Vs 'BE' past - 2

Choose the appropriate word to complete the sentences.
1. My parents very happy when I passed the exam.
2. The children playing video games in their rom at the moment.
3. My grandfather ninety years old when he passed away.
4. It raining hard. I cannot play football.
5. The game under my control now.
6. the tea still hot or I can get you another one?
7. Our neighbor's dog so loud last night.
8. It snowing yesterday at around this time.
9. The little kitty running after the mouse two minutes ago.
10. The children not listening to the teacher when she came in.
11. His uncle very rich, he can buy anything he wants.
12. you sixteen last year?
13. Jessica and Lea making a model airplane right now.
14. The library open until 9:00 p.m.
15. There a lot of of apples in the tree this season.

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