Look, See or Watch

Choose from see / watch / look.
1. It was very dark. I couldn't anything.
2. I don't like harror films.
3. He has every single move I make.
4. They are their friends disappear into the distance.
5. You need to in order to see.
6. Did you how he kicked the ball?
7. If you go to the zoo, you can many animals like lions and zebras
8. Did you at him in the eyes?
9. Can you the traffic sign from here?
10. How far can you without glasses?
11. I don't want to play. I will just you.
12. I don't like it when he at me in that way.
13. Where is David? I him leave a few minutes ago.
14. I can't very well if I don't wear my glasses.
15. Did you the tennis match on TV last night?

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