Paragraph Test - 26

Answer the questions according to the reading passages.
During the 1980s, environmentalists in the world protested the use of driftnets for tuna fishing in the Pacific Ocean since these nets also caught dolphins. The environmentalists generated enough political and economic pressure to prevent tuna companies from buying tuna that had been caught in driftnets. On contrast to this effort on behalf of the dolphins, these same environmentalists have done very little help to save the Pacific Ocean sharks whose population has decreased nearly to the point of extinction. Sharks are among the oldest creatures on earth, having survived in the seas for more than 350 million years. They are extremely efficient animals, feeding on wounded or dying animals, thus performing an important role in nature of weeding out the weaker animals in a species.

1. It is pointed out in the passage that during the 1980s, environmentalist ----.

 A) did not support the tuna fishing in the world
 B) were against the tuna fishing in the Pacific Ocean
 C) never thought of buying tuna caught in the Pacific Ocean
 D) were also supported by the tuna companies
 E) dolphins were suffered by those who caught tuna fish using driftnets

2. The writer points out in the passage that environmentalist ----.

 A) have ignored the fact that the sharks in the Pacific Ocean are about to extinct
 B) have generated campaigns for both dolphin and sharks
 C) have done little help to dolphins in the Pacific Ocean
 D) never attract the world's attention to dolphins
 E) do not know that sharks are more important than dolphins

3. It is stated in the passage that sharks ----.

 A) attack dolphins even if they are about to die
 B) are considered to be harmful, but it is not so
 C) have become weaker with the time being
 D) can live with dolphins even in the Pacific Ocean
 E) feed on the tuna caught in driftnets

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