Paragraph Test - Sixteen

Answer the questions according to the reading passages.
90% of all goods traded worldwide travel by sea, and experts predict that the volume of trade will triple by the year 2020. This will require bigger, faster, and more environmentally-friendly ships. The world's largest container ship, the Emma Maersk, was launched in August 2006. It carries 11,000 containers between China and Western Europe. Ships as big as this would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. But ultra-large container ships are rapidly becoming standard. By the year 2020, 30% of the world's shipping fleet will be too big to pass through the Panama Canal, which links the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. A maximum ship capacity of 12,500 containers per ship has been predicted. Beyond that, even the biggest container ports would be unable to load and unload them.

1. It is clear from the passage that, in less than 15 years' time, ----.

 A) each ship will be carrying 12,500 container boxes
 B) the Emma Maersk will be among the smallest ships
 C) all the world's trade will take place by sea
 D) China will have become the most dominant trading power on earth
 E) a lot of ships will have to find an alternative route from the Atlantic to the Pacific

2. It is implied in the passage that, in the last few years, ----.

 A) people have .started to care for the environment more
 B) ships have began to travel greater distances
 C) the traffic between the Atlantic and the Pacific has increased
 D) it has become technologically possible to build large container ships
 E) a container ship with a capacity of 12,500 containers has been built

3. We learn from the passage that a capacity of 12,500 boxes ----.

 A) is quite rare at the moment
 B) is the upper limit that a large port will be able to handle
 C) is impossible to attain with today's technology
 D) is the maximum capacity that has been reached so far
 E) will be most common for the ships between China and Western Europe

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