Paragraph Test - Nineteen

Answer the questions according to the reading passages.
Malaria disease is still found in most tropical and subtropical parts of the world. It remains a major reason for illness and death among people living in these areas and is the chief threat to the health of visitors from non-malarious nations. The disease is carried by a parasite through the bite of certain species of mosquito. The lifecycle of the parasite is completed partly in the human host and partly In the mosquitoes. The control of malaria, hence, depends on either destroying mosquitoes or by the suppression of malaria in infected people. A great deal of progress was made along both these lines during the 1950s and 1960s, but since then increasing resistance of the mosquito to insecticides and of the parasite to the drugs for treatment and prevention the disease has retarded progress.

1. According to the text, health of people in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world ----.

 A) has been a serious concern in non-malarious countries
 B) has improved greatly since the 1960s
 C) is still being seriously threatened by malaria
 D) is being partly undermined by the over-use of insecticides
 E) is threatened by the influx of infected people from other countries

2. It is pointed out in the passage that the destruction of mosquitoes ----.

 A) is one way of eradicating malaria
 B) is not an effective method, at all, of fighting malaria
 C) was only introduced as a method of controlling malaria after the 1960's
 D) has been a growing public concern in the tropical countries
 E) is the less effective method of suppressing malaria

3. One can infer from the passage that since 1950's little progress has been made in the treatment and prevention of malaria ----.

 A) as no way of interfering with the lifecycle of the parasite has been found
 B) since the disease has spread to the countries bordering onto the tropical regions
 C) even through many new effective drugs have come into use
 D) because mosquitoes built up resistance against insecticides
 E) as the use of insecticides has been banned in the tropical regions

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